North Luangwa

Situated in the ancient expanse of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, North Luangwa National Park resides as the northernmost among the three national parks within the Luangwa Valley. Over countless millennia, the majestic Luangwa River has sculpted this extraordinary terrain, earning it the reputation as “The Real Africa” by many. Encompassing a vast area of over 22,000 km², the protected ecosystem of North Luangwa remains virtually untouched, with the National Park serving as its vibrant core. Within this pristine landscape, a distinct and diverse community of species thrives, making it one of the few remaining undisturbed regions in central Africa. Notably, as the sole park in Zambia that boasts the presence of the Big 5, North Luangwa offers unparalleled opportunities for awe-inspiring game viewing experiences, making it a truly remarkable destination not just within Zambia but across the entire continent. As you venture into this captivating wilderness, a variety of safaris await, allowing you to explore and appreciate the natural wonders of the park. While there is a limited number of lodges and camps in North Luangwa National Park, they may not provide the extravagant luxury found in other renowned destinations. However, you can be assured of an authentic African safari experience without unnecessary frills, which is considered one of the finest on the continent.

Camps & Lodges in North Luangwa

Remote Africa – Mwaleshi Camp

Remote Africa – Takwela Camp

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