Lion Camp

A Safari to Remember: Lion Camp at South Luangwa National Park

When planning a safari at South Luangwa National Park, the choices can be overwhelming. However, we highly recommend Lion Camp for an unforgettable experience in this amazing valley.

Spectacular Wildlife Viewing: Our wildlife viewing experience at Lion Camp was nothing short of spectacular. We encountered lions and leopards daily, with lions even walking by the patio during three of our five dinners. The thrill of these close encounters added a unique excitement to our stay.

Luxurious Accommodations: Our tented suite at Lion Camp exceeded expectations. The king-size bed was incredibly comfortable, enhanced by an innovative overhead air conditioning system that ensured a restful sleep. The in-suite shower was delightful, and the views from our private patio were breathtaking.

Exceptional Service: The services at Lion Camp were top-notch. Our guide, Simon, demonstrated impressive skills and knowledge, enhancing our safari experience. The food was a delightful surprise, with delicious meals served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The customer service team was wonderful, making every effort to ensure our comfort and satisfaction. General managers Vickie and Wayne went above and beyond, making us feel like part of the family.

Unforgettable Hospitality: From the exceptional wildlife sightings to the luxurious accommodations and outstanding service, Lion Camp provided an unforgettable safari experience. The warm hospitality and personalized care made our stay truly special.

There is no doubt that when we return to South Luangwa, we will be staying at Lion Camp.

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