Liuwa Plains

Spanning across 3,369 square kilometres, Liuwa Plain National Park is a captivating national park located in Zambia’s Western Province. The park derives its name from the local Liuwa language, where “Liuwa” translates to “plain.” These expansive plains once served as a hunting ground for Lubosi Lewanika, the esteemed Litunga of the Lozi people, who are native to the area and speak a dialect of the Lozi language. Today, Liuwa Plain National Park stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Within its borders, visitors can partake in a variety of safaris, each offering a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the park’s diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes. Due to its remote location, Liuwa Plain National Park offers one of the most untouched safari experiences in Zambia. It appeals to the 4×4 community, who venture into this pristine territory to explore its unspoiled beauty and stay at community campsites within the park. While African Parks assists with bookings and management, the campgrounds are owned and operated by the local community. Moreover, a growing number of safari enthusiasts are also choosing to visit and stay in the limited luxury accommodations offered in the area.
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