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Robin Pope Safaris: Mobile-Camping in South Luangwa National Park

Robin Pope Safaris (RPS) offers a unique and immersive safari experience with their mobile-camping option in South Luangwa National Park. This adventure provides an authentic way to connect with the wilderness, focusing entirely on foot-based exploration without the use of vehicles.

The Camps:

The mobile camps are set up in the remote northern region of South Luangwa, near the Mupamadzi River. These camps are established only when guests are staying and are dismantled immediately after, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Despite their temporary nature, the camps are comfortable and well-equipped:

  • Accommodation: Three walk-in tents with proper twin beds, attractive throws, and rush mats on compacted earth floors.
  • Facilities: Each tent has access to a bush shower under a tree with hot water available on request and a communal long-drop toilet that is clean and well-maintained.
  • Dining: Meals are enjoyed outdoors, either under the shade of a tree or under the stars at night, with a national park scout on watch for safety.

The Experience:

These mobile camps are part of an intimate seven-day itinerary that accommodates a maximum of six people, led by a highly trained and knowledgeable guide. The journey begins and ends at one of RPS’s permanent camps on the Luangwa River, with five days dedicated to the mobile camps.

  • Walking Safaris: The core of the experience, walking safaris allow you to explore the bush up close, guided by experienced guides and armed spotters.
  • Daily Routine: Mornings start with a walk, covering 3km to 10km at a leisurely pace, with frequent stops to observe wildlife and nature. Lunch is typically enjoyed back at the camp, followed by an afternoon walk when the sun’s heat begins to wane.
  • Refreshments: A “tea-bearer” accompanies the walks, carrying supplies of tea, coffee, cold drinks, and cakes for refreshment stops.


  • Immersive Wilderness: The camps are located 4–5 hours’ drive from the permanent camps, in areas where wildlife is not accustomed to human presence, enhancing the sense of adventure and discovery.
  • Guiding: The small group size allows for flexible itineraries, with guides tailoring the walks based on wildlife activity and group interests.
  • Safety: All walks are accompanied by a guide and an armed scout, adhering to the high safety standards of the Luangwa Valley.

Unique Aspects:

  • Eco-Friendly: The temporary nature of the camps ensures a minimal ecological footprint.
  • Authentic Bush Living: With amenities like comfortable beds, bush showers, and fresh food, the camps strike a balance between simplicity and comfort.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Walking safaris offer a different perspective compared to vehicle-based game drives, emphasizing learning about the ecosystem and animal behavior.

Robin Pope Safaris’ mobile-camping option in South Luangwa National Park is ideal for those seeking a genuine and thrilling wilderness experience. It offers an opportunity to truly engage with nature, learn from expert guides, and appreciate the untamed beauty of one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations.

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