Mukalya camp

Experience Ultimate Luxury at Mukalya Private Game Reserve

Mukalya Private Game Reserve offers the pinnacle of luxury bush experiences, nestled along the picturesque Zambezi River, directly opposite the Hurungwe Safari Area. Here, guests can witness sightings of elephants, lions, buffalo, and other wildlife, accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the bush in the early morning and evening. This pristine location provides a safe environment to walk with game and enjoy a luxurious, intimate stay away from the crowds.

Accommodating 18 guests comfortably, Mukalya presents a unique and private setting with meticulous attention to detail. The grand entrance, central living area, and main dining space offer sweeping views of the Zambezi River, allowing for an immersive connection with nature. The design seamlessly incorporates natural elements from the surroundings, including pebble work on the walls and wooden features from nearby woodlands.

Our oval swimming pool is situated on the riverbank, offering stunning views and shaded by Acacia Tree canopies. The pool features curved edge seating and pool loungers for those seeking relaxation under the sun.

Accommodation at Mukalya consists of 9 uniquely designed rooms, completely renovated in 2020. Each room focuses on local craftsmanship and incorporates natural elements, all situated along the banks of the Zambezi River.

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