Tafika Camp

Tafika Camp: Intimate Safari Excellence in the Luangwa Valley

Tafika Camp, owned and operated by John and Carol Coppinger, stands out as one of Africa’s premier safari destinations, offering unparalleled guiding and a unique, intimate bush camp experience in the Luangwa Valley.

Exceptional Guiding: Renowned for its top-tier guiding, Tafika Camp provides guests with insightful and memorable wildlife experiences, ensuring a deep connection with the environment and its inhabitants.

Exclusive Accommodations: With only six rooms crafted from reed and thatch, Tafika Camp maintains a small and intimate atmosphere. Each room features an open-air shower and solar-powered lanterns, blending rustic charm with essential comforts.

Focus on Walking Safaris: True to the spirit of the Luangwa Valley, Tafika Camp emphasizes walking safaris, allowing guests to explore the bush on foot and experience the wildlife up close. This focus ensures an immersive and authentic safari adventure.

Unique Activities: In addition to walking safaris, Tafika offers a unique perspective of the Luangwa Valley through microlighting, personally piloted by the owner. This thrilling activity provides an unparalleled aerial view of the stunning landscape and its wildlife.

Intimate and Personal: The camp’s small size fosters a warm and personalized atmosphere, making guests feel at home in the heart of the African wilderness. The dedication of John and Carol Coppinger to providing exceptional hospitality ensures a memorable stay.

Tafika Camp epitomizes the best of the Luangwa Valley with its focus on intimate, high-quality safari experiences, exceptional guiding, and unique activities. Perfect for those seeking a personal and immersive connection with Africa’s wildlife and landscapes.

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