North Luangwa

North Luangwa National Park stands as one of the trio of national parks nestled within the Luangwa River valley, alongside South Luangwa and Luambe. Here, Africa’s raw, untouched essence thrives, offering a journey back to its wild origins. Stretching along the western bank of the Luangwa River, the park is flanked by the imposing Muchinga Escarpment on the opposite side. Ecological diversity flourishes within its confines, preserved through restricted access and limited presence of safari camps. Embarking on a safari in North Luangwa is a profound immersion into nature’s grandeur and spectacle. Renowned for its vast herds of buffalo and formidable lion prides, the park shares its varied habitats with a plethora of plains game, including Cookson’s wildebeest, eland, puku, and zebra. While sightings of elephants and leopards are less frequent compared to South Luangwa, the park has seen the reintroduction of black rhinos, albeit under stringent protection and rare sightings. North Luangwa earns its status as a specialist destination, catering primarily to seasoned safari enthusiasts accustomed to the rhythms of bush life.
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