Northern Zambia

In the northernmost reaches of Zambia, above Northern Kafue and the Luangwa Valley, lies a vast, remote area seldom visited by travelers. While wildlife may not be abundant, neither are other visitors, granting you the opportunity to explore this rural gem in solitude. Key attractions in Northern Zambia include Mutinondo Wilderness, home to pristine wilderness and a network of walking trails boasting remarkable biodiversity. The estate of Shiwa Ng’andu, known as “The Africa House,” features the tranquil Kapishya Hot Springs and offers insights into the region’s history. Additionally, Northern Zambia encompasses the Bangweulu Wetlands and Kasanka National Park. The region’s stunning waterfalls, including Kalambo, Kundalila, and Lumwangwe, are revered by local communities and each holds its own folklore. Whether soaking in the natural hot springs or immersing yourself in the area’s rich history and natural wonders, Northern Zambia promises a unique and enriching experience.
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