Nestled between the South and North Luangwa National Parks, lies the captivating wilderness of Luambe National Park. Spanning 254km² and hosting just two camps within its bounds, embarking on a safari in this intimate park promises genuine seclusion and tranquility.

From the vast expanse of mopane woodland to the picturesque Chipuka Plains adorned with sausage trees and grasslands, and the lush riverine forests enveloping the Luangwa River, Luambe presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in Zambia’s diverse natural landscapes, all within a short distance.

This ecological variety has established the park as a sanctuary for a plethora of avian species, cherished as a hidden gem among seasoned birdwatchers. Luambe is home to approximately 300 bird species, showcasing stunning creatures such as the Narina trogon, Allen’s gallinule, and the western banded snake eagle, alongside vast congregations of carmine bee-eaters that migrate in spring to nest along the banks of the Luangwa River.

Among the inhabitants of Luambe, four members of the Big 5—the buffalo, elephant, leopard, and lion—wander freely. Along the riverfront and lagoons, sightings of large herds of elephants and buffalo are common, while hippos and crocodiles thrive abundantly, with up to 700 hippos often congregating in the pools near one of the camps. The endemic Crawshay’s zebra and Cookson’s wildebeest grace morning game drives and bushwalks, while nocturnal excursions reveal the presence of smaller creatures like the porcupine, scrub hare, civet, and honey badger.

With a deep-rooted connection to the Luangwa Valley, Adrian Carr, akin to his late father Norman, passionately attests that visiting Luambe National Park is akin to witnessing the Luangwa as it once was—a testament to its timeless allure and pristine wilderness.

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