Despite its modest size, Kasanka National Park stands out as a biodiversity hotspot in Zambia due to its location on the fringes of the Lake Bangweulu basin, boasting a mosaic of diverse habitats that support a remarkable array of wildlife, birds, and fish.

Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant avian population, Kasanka compensates for its limited large game sightings with its stunning scenery and prolific birdlife. Particularly noteworthy is the annual migration of up to eight million fruit bats, resembling puppies in size and adorned in golden fur, making it the largest bat roost and mammal migration globally. These “flying foxes” descend upon the Mushitu Swamp Forest every October, drawn by the abundance of wild fruit, originating from various parts of Africa, including the tropical belt and South Sudan.

The park hosts an impressive diversity of mammal species, with the puku antelope dominating the grassy floodplains alongside duiker, bushbuck, warthog, hippo, vervet monkey, and kinda baboon. Kasanka is renowned as a prime habitat for the elusive sitatunga antelope and offers sightings of the rare and captivating blue monkey.

Boasting over 450 bird species, Kasanka is a birding paradise, hailed by experts like Dr. Ian Sinclair as among the best in Africa. Birdwatchers can delight in sightings of specials such as Pel’s fishing owl, Böhms’ bee-eater, Anchieta’s sunbird, African marsh harrier, and African crowned eagle, making birding safaris here exceptionally rewarding.

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