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Meet Our Team

Patience Banda

‘I was born and raised in Livingstone surrounded by people in the tourism industry. However I had absolutely no interest in tourism. My mind was set on studying clinical medicine.
As fate would have it, after school, I missed my entrance exams into the health Institute. This meant I had to wait a whole year for another shot at this. My mum suggested I atleast get into school to pass the time. I decided I would just do a short course in International Tourism. This gave me a better understanding of the industry and I was hooked.

I joined Wilderness Safaris in 2008 and had a chance to spend time in the camps…I fell in love with nature and I have never looked back.

Creating holiday packages for clients and sharing in their joy makes it even more worthwhile!’

Stacy Evangeline Kafuta

After graduating from Law school, I took part in the  “ZedniZee Initiative” a program designed by Memorable Journeys to create awareness to Zambians about all that Zambia has to offer by making us experience it first-hand. Having been around Zambia and know every nook and cranny from which the most memorable journeys can be extracted and experienced and so when Memorable Journeys had an opening for a travel consultant, I gladly got on board so that I could share my experiences with others.