The Premier Of Zambia

Day 1

Arrive at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, you will be
met by Memorable Journeys staff who will assist you with luggage and check in to your private charter to Lower Zambezi.

Day 1-3 Chiawa Camp

Chiawa Camp offers an authentic safari, where the focus is on the
bush, the river, the wildlife, and you. It is a unique haven of warmth and
hospitality, dedicated to making your safari dreams come true. Zambia’s premier luxury safari camp, Chiawa, boasts of out-of this-world setting, with spectacular views over the Zambezi River and its resident wildlife. Allow yourself to indulge in decadent cuisine, personalised service, a vast array of activities, and the experience of a lifetime.

Day 4

Private charter to the Kafue National Park. Check in to Shumba Camp located in the Busanga plains. This is Zambia’s biggest and oldest National Park. Busanga plains are only open from June to November, due to the high levels of water in the plains. The Kafue National Park is home to a larger variety of
species than any other Park in Zambia, including Red Lechwe, which can only be found in the Kafue National Park.

Day 4 – 6 Shumba Camp

Shumba camp named after the pride of tree climbing of lions seen in the area is found on a wooded island in the centre of the million-hectare Busanga Plains. The highlight of Shumba Camp is the balloon ride where you catch the sight of the famous lion pride and the scores of plains game. Fly eye-to-eye with an eagle and watch hippos playing far below while taking in the incredible remoteness of the plains.

Day 7

After a hearty breakfast, embark on a game drive as you head out to your waiting private charter to your next adventure in the Liuwa Plains National Park One of the earliest protected areas in Africa. Experience the magic of Liuwa Plain, which is home to the world’s second-biggest wildebeest migration, magnificent birdlife, a growing cheetah population, and the famed Lady Liuwa lion pride.

Day 7-9

With award-winning guides and intimate safari excursions, we bring unrivalled access and absolute exclusivity to the region. With magnificent night and day
game drives were the encounter with the wildlife is unparalled, walking safaris, canoeing safaris, helicopter game viewing including nights under the stars.

Aircraft specification

King Air B350. The King Air is the world’s best robust turbine aircraft – a
title never simply granted, but earned again and again with continuous enhancement over five decades. The King Air B350 is a pressurized twin
turbine aircraft with a club seating capacity of 9 passengers and two pilots.
The King Air B350 is true to its legacy of innovation and it’s high-caliber performance with more payload capability and range, a quieter interior with the standard in-flight refreshment services.