Terms and Conditions

The provisions covering booking procedures and liabilities are listed below whilst product inclusions/ exclusions are contained in our quotation/s. These terms and conditions do not apply to our Holiday Savings Plan Package.


  • Provisional bookings are held for 14 Days consecutive days after which the booking is automatically released.
  • Each booking must be requested in writing by way of e-mail. A provisional booking will be held until such time as (maximum 7 consecutive days)
  • The booking is confirmed in writing; and The booking is acknowledged in writing by Memorable Journeys Ltd; and A non-refundable deposit of 30% for the booking is received by Memorable Journeys to secure the reservation.
  • Scheduled/commercial air is costed separately and is due and payable prior to ticketing per airline terms and conditions.


Although every effort is made to adhere to booked schedules and itineraries, Memorable Journeys reserves the right and may even be obliged to occasionally cancel a safari or change travel arrangements, as a result of a change in circumstances. Such circumstances may include, but not be limited to:

  • Safety reasons,
  • Seasonal rainfall & Unsafe airfields,
  • Game migrations from one region to another,
  • Airline or other booking problems,
  • Unscheduled camp/lodge closure (including but not limited to closure due to fire, floods, adverse weather damage, etc.),
  • Strike, War or government or other interference.

Memorable Journeys cannot be held liable for any change or resultant delay nor will any such change constitute a reason for a refund either in full or in part. Any additional expenses will be the responsibility of the client.


We will do our utmost to honor our rates as quoted, however, should there be any unforeseen increase in fuel costs, availability, currency fluctuations and/or government taxes we will pass the cost to the client accordingly.


  • The balance of the total cost due is payable 6 weeks prior to travel date directly to the account of Memorable Journeys, without deduction of bank or any other charges.
  • Payment of the amount due should be made only in the currency invoiced.
  • Cancellations will only become effective upon written acknowledgment by Memorable Journeys.
  • Should a guest cancel 4 weeks or less prior to the start of the trip, the full invoice amount is due.


Banking details will be provided on invoices and statements once transactions commence. Please pay careful attention to the banking information and requirements as your account will remain your responsibility until payment is received into the appropriate bank account.


Comprehensive and adequate travel insurance is a condition of travel. It is your responsibility to ensure that you carry the correct comprehensive travel and medical insurance to adequately cover any eventuality during the course of your trips.

This insurance should include cover in respect of but not be limited to the following eventualities:

  • Emergency evacuation expenses,
  • All medical expenses including emergency assistance,
  • Accidental death and disability,
  • Repatriation,
  • Damage/theft/loss of personal baggage,
  • It is also recommended that the insurance cover includes cancellation or curtailment of the safari/ Holiday package/ flights for any reason whatsoever.

Memorable Journeys, including its representatives, employees and agents assumes no responsibility for any costs or losses incurred or suffered by guests or any third party, in respect of but not limited to any of the aforementioned eventualities.


Memorable Journeys is not liable for any delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines or charter flights either changing the schedule or not running to schedule.