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Sungani update

We wanted to share a brief journey through Sungani Lodge, confident that as you read this you will be inspired to visit very soon! Zambia and particularly this area is so incredibly authentic and wild, meaning every day is a chance to explore. 

When you are on safari, there are many things worth getting out of bed for, but we also want you to get to know a bit more about the lodge amenities on offer and have the flexibility to enjoy them! 

Sungani Lodge is the larger of our two properties and is limited to 7 luxury guest tents spaced from 20-50 meters apart, so you really are in for a secluded piece of paradise when you stay with us.

Each unit is maxed out with amenities like air-con, ceiling fans, delicious coffee, and a mini-fridge. You have over 1000 square feet of space to relax in. Take a soak in the spacious indoor bathroom with views over the prolific lagoon or unwind on the large outdoor deck with your private plunge pool.

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The main area of the lodge has a variety of living spaces where your time is uninterrupted, and the space is yours to do as you please. This includes a beautiful bar space, open breakfast bar, and curio shop.
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Wanting to escape somewhere more private? No problem, there are several intimate seating areas interspersed throughout. There is also a boardroom-style table with various plug points and leather desk chairs at the back of the deck to be used for work or play. We would love to challenge you to a game of Chess or Nsolo (a traditional Zambian game)!e74cc554 b07e 01ef aa92 4d5782c032f9b415d1c1 9176 d8f4 5720 113ca9bd222d

The main pool is the perfect place to have a lunchtime swim and take pleasure in watching hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and various birdlife in the lagoon ahead.

Our main deck was built around existing trees, so during the heat of the day, you are able to rejoice in the shade they provide whilst tucking into a scrumptious meal prepared by our passionate chefs. fa18f0cc d47c f629 be25 9bf5c558e557934a7ca6 8c65 fc02 e0a1 b6686b801b5c
The lower viewing deck allows you the opportunity to be close to the water. The firepit area is iconic on any safari! It is a communal space often referred to as Bush TV. Let the flames hypnotise and engage, as you indulge in some after-dinner storytelling while being lulled by the magical sounds of the bush. A recent guest who stayed for 3 nights in June said “Our family of 12 just had the most amazing safari experience at this beautiful lodge. No detail left unturned, amazing food, and gracious hosts. Exciting drives!”EXPLORE MORE
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Our first full month of being open and the game viewing has been inspiring! At the start of June, guests saw the wild dogs on a couple of occasions and then again, a third time while being chased by elephants. Throughout the month there have been incredible sightings of leopard, buffalo, giraffe, elephant, hippo, zebra, and an array of plains game.

Just in the last week, we have been seeing herds of 200+ buffalo at the Sungani Lagoon, leopard cubs down towards the Fiya plain, several leopard sightings, lions, elephants, honey badgers catching barbel, a resident bush pig, and a total of 9 porcupines.

Our social media sites are updated regularly with sightings, so go check it out!f023e293 dbae 62c9 6b92 2e5dcec9f999

SARABI AND HER CUB –  ZAMBIAN CARNIVORE PROGRAMME We work closely with the Zambian Carnivore Programme to understand the predator population in this part of the park. Our presence in the area and the fact we have sponsored a few lion and wild dog collars have really helped them track their movements and behaviours.

The lioness in this picture, who we have lovingly named Sarabi, has been around with her mother Notch during the three years that we have been in the area. It has been so rewarding to see her progress and the resilience she has shown as she protects her one surviving female cub. We suspect she lost her previous litter possibly due to the fact she was inexperienced and without a pride to back her up.

We first saw this cub, affectionately known as Kangela (to look) in September 2021 and are delighted to tell you she remains healthy and is growing strong. Michael captured this stunning image of them up on a tree trying to escape the relentless hyenas. We will explore Kulandila Camp next month.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us to save an incredible slice of Africa. It would be a pleasure to welcome you soon.