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Sleep in a Nest for Your Zambian Luxury Safaris Experience

Next week, Chisa Busanga Camp will be opening the doors in the Busanga Plains and providing Zambian luxury safaris in a completely off-grid camp experience in this northern part of Kafue National Park

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While its four luxury suites resemble and are referred to as ‘Nests’, we promise that Chisa Busanga Camp has not been built for Busanga’s feathered residents (although they do, of course, frequent the camp). Rather, we were so inspired by the remarkable architecture of the homes built by weaver birds that we decided to try our hands at biomimicry.

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Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 02 June 2021

And so, Chisa was designed and built as four human-sized nests to provide accommodation that is not just luxurious but unique and intriguing at the same time. And why the name Chisa? Chisa means ‘bird’s nest’ in the locally spoken language of Nyanja. Chisa, like all Green Safaris properties in Zambia and Malawi, celebrates the surrounding natural environment and neighbouring communities and wildlife.

Let’s take a closer look at what Chisa Busanga Camp is all about…

A unique addition to Green Safaris’ Zambian luxury safaris

Imagine looking across one of the most enchanting and pristine wilderness areas in Southern Africa from an elevated wooden platform that is surrounded by shady trees and birdsong. This is your Nest experience! Each room may look like a nest from the outside, but inside they have all the modern creature comforts to make a cosy place for nesting and resting. The interiors are lined with canvas-tenting and each holds a king-size bed, private outdoor deck with seating, and indoor/outdoor shower.

Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 03 June 2021

The Nests are perfect if you want to leave the noise and stress of the city for a place that feels completely isolated from the rest of the world. Green Safaris’ previous Group Operations Manager, Jacques van Heerden, described the experience perfectly, “You can stand on the deck of your Bird’s Nest and see so far that you can see today leaving and tomorrow coming all at the same time.”

Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 04 June 2021

Part of the Busanga Plains’ magic is its quiet tranquillity, which we are preserving by running Chisa completely off solar-powered electricity (instead of noisy generators). This also means that the camp’s carbon footprint is reduced significantly.

Silent Safari experience

It wouldn’t be a Green Safaris’ getaway without exploring the Zambian wilderness with silent and soft footsteps. Their signature solar-powered electric Land Rover (aka the e-Cruiser) along with mountain bikes are ‘green tech’ innovations that allow a truly sustainable experience – a Silent Safari. Watch elephants emerge from the mist rising from the dambos in the morning, red lechwe leap across the streams, or even a shy sitatunga peering out from behind a bush. They may not even know you’re there!

Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 05 June 2021

The Busanga Plains is a fantastic destination for birders and our guides know a thing or two about bird calls, which is pretty handy when on a bushwalk. There are some 450 species to look out for, including the endemic Chaplin’s barbet and endangered cranes species (grey and crowned). One of our Green Team’s favourites is the secretary bird, which can be seen striding gallantly through the miombo woodland in search of its next meal.

Travel that transforms

Green Safaris’ love for Africa’s wild spaces and communities has motivated us to use our lodges and camps as a means to an important end: to contribute to environmental protection, wildlife conservation and community empowerment while creating a magical safari experience for you. We encourage guests to get involved in conservation and community projects that resonate with them during their stay with us.

Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 06 June 2021

In Zambia, it has made the most sense to work with the well-established conservation groups already doing fantastic work in Busanga Plains, Kafue and South Luangwa national parks. These organisations include Game Rangers International, Panthera Zambia, Hack the Poacher, Zambian Carnivore Project, Conservation South Luangwa, and Project Luangwa. They work in close partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, and neighbouring communities.

Need to know details

Getting to Chisa Busanga Camp

By air – Lusaka to Busanga Airfield (1 hour 45 minutes) or Lusaka to Chunga Airfield, near Ila Safari Lodge, (20 – 30 minutes)

By road – Ila Safari Lodge to Chisa Busanga Camp (5 hours)

Seasons in Busanga Plains

Summer – August to April. October and November are very hot.

Winter – May to August. Mornings are very cold in winter, while the evenings are cool year-round.

Rains – November to March. Chisa Busanga Camp closes over these months.

Green Safaris Chisa Camp Opens Image 07 June 2021

Chisa joins its big sister and Green Safaris’ flagship property, Ila Safari Lodge, which is also located in Kafue National Park, within the Hook Bridge area, near Chunga Headquarters. Its opening follows the May 2021 opening of Green Safaris’ other brand new property, Shawa Luangwa Camp. Excitingly, Shawa has brought the Silent Safari experience – led by Zambia’s legendary guide, Jacob Shawa – to the South Luangwa National Park.

So now that you’re in the know about the two newest additions to the Green Safaris’ family, head over to our revamped website and take a look at where you can find the rest of our growing family.

All images courtesy of Green Safaris.

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