Our Team


"We take great pride in creating an itinerary tailored around you."

Patience Mwenzi Banda, Travel Specialist

Patience ‘s is popularly known as Mwenzi which means “Moonlight” in Tonga. She has been a Travel Specialist since 2009 and one of her greatest pleasures is sharing the wonders of the country she love with visitors. Mwenzi grew up in Livingstone , where her natural affinity for tourism began at an early age. Since 2009, Mwenzi has shared her passion for stylish camps, adventurous holidays and tours that bring benefits to communities and conservation in the destinations we love.

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"With us you will travel differently."

Stacey Kafuta, Travel Specialist

Stacey grew up in Lusaka, Zambia and regularly went on Holidays in Livingstone with family from a young age. She relishes exploring new, exciting destinations as her love for travel continues to grow. She always looks for the unique experiences that really bring a destination to life.