The Journal

Ila Safaris introduces Power walk

We’re eager to share that we have a new walking safari track for our guests. We now offer a long-distance 20 kilometer ‘power-walk’ where you can really work on your fitness, whilst discovering the beautiful terrains and encounter the fantastic diversity of wildlife in the Kafue.

We’re also delighted to announce we’ve tested our brand new eQuadbike at Kaya Mawa. In sync with our eLandy and eBoat at Ila, we are about to start offering silent & eco-friendly quad biking safaris around Likoma island.

We’re delighted to introduce Cederic Gourmelen, our new Diving instructor at Kaya Mawa. Here is a little introduction written by Cederic himself:

unnamed“My name is Cedric Gourmelen. I am from Western France and have been a professional diver and instructor in the seas of the world for the last thirty years from Alaska to the Galapagos, from the great lagoons of Baya California to the Belizean cays, from the dark Scottish lakes to the ice carved floods of Iceland, from the lost coast of Burma to the reefs of Papa New Guinea, from Western Australia to the Southern tip of New Zealand, from Cape Town to Zanzibar, from the blues of Greek isles to the colours of the Red Sea…….following and studying the whales along the way. I first came to Malawi in the late 80’s, to now  return to teach and guide visitors, showing them the wonders of life in the great lake of Malawi, whilst obtaining their diving-license or expanding it to the next level.