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How To Make Up For Your Cancelled Honeymoon

Feeling guilty for feeling blue about having your honeymoon cancelled during COVID-19? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and while there are indeed far more tragic losses to mourn as a result of the pandemic, there are ways to start making up for your cancelled honeymoon and the Tongabezi team have a bunch of them to get you inspired again…

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Marvel at the incredible natural phenomenon of Victoria Falls during your luxury honeymoon in Africa © Tongabezi

“It is absolutely okay to cry about your special holiday no longer happening this year,” as the Tongabezi reassures. “We have all mourned the many lives lost and livelihoods ruined across the world and we will continue to do so. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the happiness in our lives, no matter how small or big. Perhaps now, more than ever before, we should be taking the time to mark these important moments.

Perhaps now, more than ever before, we should be taking the time to mark these important moments.”

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We know how disgruntled (possibly a euphemism for how you are really feeling?) you are about things not going as planned, but don’t give up! You don’t have to completely rule out ever going on your honeymoon, you may just have to wait a little while longer. It will be so worth it, particularly if yours is a luxury honeymoon in Africa, and even better if it is near Victoria Falls (absolutely no bias, we promise!).

Throughout the year, we have kept an eye out for reasons to be truly optimistic and even for the odd silver lining or two wherever they have presented themselves. And we think we have found one for the two of you. When you come to think about it, there are a handful of reasons why postponing your honeymoon, whether by choice or – as 2020 would have it – by force, is actually a darn good idea.

You will be ready for the whole honeymoon experience

(Not just the part where you sleep in every morning.) If you managed to get married before travel was shut down, then congratulations! The day you say ‘I do’ is filled with magical moments that will stay with you both forever. Like all the planning beforehand, however, the wedding day itself can also throw some unexpected challenges and added stress on you.

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Enjoy the morning glow from the comfort of your Tree House suite © Tongabezi

While a honeymoon is a great way to unwind after all that pressure, it should also be more than just a time to recuperate after the big day. Once you have had enough time at home to recover from all the plans, parties and people, you will then be completely ready to make the most of your first holiday together as a married couple.

You have something incredibly exciting to look forward to

Are you still not convinced? Here is silver lining number two. If you have had to postpone or cancel your honeymoon this year, having these first few months together has probably given you the chance to settle into and enjoy married life. So, when you do go on your honeymoon, all the post-wedding admin will have been done and you can simply lock up and head off without worrying about all the things you didn’t manage to get to.

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Dine in absolute privacy on our floating sampan deck in the Zambezi © Tongabezi

While we know being forced to postpone your honeymoon has not been ideal, it has given you both something exciting to look forward to, which after this year will be absolutely necessary. Now, when you come on your luxury honeymoon in Africa, it won’t just be a romantic retreat but also a time to gain a fresh perspective following the past several challenging months.

You will get to enjoy a much longer break

If you are still in the planning stages of your wedding and honeymoon for when things stabilise, this is for you. Honeymooning immediately after the wedding means you will use up a ton (if not all) of your annual vacation days over a short period of time. This is particularly true if you are taking off a few days before the wedding for pre-nuptial planning and parties or for travelling if you are having a destination wedding.

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Say goodbye to the worries of 2020 while soaking in a bubble bath in a River Cottage © Tongabezi

It might make sense to break up the timing of these two big events. Then you will have enough leave days to properly enjoy the wedding as well as the honeymoon a little later on. You can make your honeymoon an extended holiday, without the nagging feeling that you are just a few days away from having to return to work.

At Tongabezi, we love celebrations, which is why hosting luxury honeymoons and weddings are absolutely our thing! Being just a few kilometres upstream from the iconic Victoria Falls and enjoying riverfront views of the Zambezi already boosts the romance factor. We then up the ante in your open-plan suite that incorporates a dreamy four-poster bed, bathtub and private outdoor deck,  all private and romantic. Swoon-worthy experiences include the candlelit dinner on our floating river sampan, a boat cruise along the Zambezi at sunset and a laid-back picnic lunch on a sandbar.

So, even though you are feeling cheated out of your special holiday right now, this too shall pass and we hope to see you for your luxury honeymoon in Africa when it does.

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