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Corporate Events & Venue Finding

Corporate Events

Co-ordinating teams of professional people to impressive destinations for wow-factor events that work for your strategic delivery (and their interest in great food and entertainment), is no easy feat. Whether you are hosting hundreds of staff or a select group of important stakeholders, we work to make it incredible for each and every client. 

We are constantly researching new places and truly unique experiences that will make your event special. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, from the invites and pick-up schedules, right through to seeing everyone safely back home.

Venue Finding

Finding the right venue for your event can be hugely time consuming and frustrating.

You phone around venues; some respond with twenty-page proposals, some not even replying! Your deadline is looming and with no venue that fits the brief, you just might feel that you’ve had enough.

Leave the whole drama to Memoriable Journeys. Our team will leverage the relationships we have in the industry to get you interesting options at the best rates with the least hassle.

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Company Incentives

The weight of responsibility of finding a destination that is going to excite and incentivise your team, coupled with the knowledge that the success of the trip will have a direct impact on your company’s profit is not a task to be taken lightly as you know. People’s expectations are high.

Employee incentive schemes can boost profitability, reward the best workers, support business values, improve teamwork and morale, and attract (as well as retain) the top talent. Memorable Journeys are here to manage trips from end-to-end with destinations and experiences that will excite and motivate.

Incentive travel is fun but the time taken bringing all the elements together; flights, transfers, restaurants, hotels, excursions and activities can overrun your daily tasks and this is all before the guests go, let alone when they are on the trip with all the unknowns and no trusted person to manage the trip to ensure the guest’s safety.

Experience, in-depth knowledge, giving you back the time by creating, sourcing and managing the incentive travel programme whilst sharing the responsibility will ease the pain of the task at hand.

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