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Soloman Tevera

Owner & Safari Guide

Solly Tevera is an accomplished owner and safari guide at Memorable Journeys, with a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the hospitality industry. His journey in the world of hospitality began in 1998 when he obtained his prestigious Zimbabwean guide license in Zimbabwe.

With a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and guiding, Solly further honed his skills and expertise in safari guiding and camp management at Wilderness Safari and Anabezi establishments in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. These experiences allowed him to immerse himself in diverse ecosystems and acquire an extensive knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and cultural heritage.

Today, as the owner and founder of Memorable Journeys in Zambia, Solly remains committed to his passion for guiding and wildlife. Despite his busy schedule, he dedicates time each year to lead a select few groups in Zambia, drawing upon his vast knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional and unforgettable holiday experiences.

Solly’s dedication to providing extraordinary safari adventures is evident in his personalized approach to guiding. He strives to create meaningful connections with his guests, ensuring their comfort and enjoyment throughout their journey. His warm and engaging personality, coupled with his in-depth understanding of the local environment, allows him to craft unique and immersive safari experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Beyond his role as a safari guide, Solly’s leadership as the owner of Memorable Journeys sets the standard for excellence within the company. He is deeply committed to conservation and sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that Memorable Journeys operates in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. His vision and expertise have contributed to the company’s reputation for delivering exceptional service and creating lifelong memories for their clients.

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Mumbi Nyirongo

Travel Specialist

Mumbi is a dedicated professional with years of experience in this industry, her passion ignited when she completed an internship in high school that left a lasting impact on her.

Having witnessed firsthand the intricacies and dedication required, she was deeply inspired and knew instantly that this was her career path.

In the initial stages of her journey, she was amazed by the complexity, the ever-evolving nature of the tasks and the promise of continued learning that fuelled her enthusiasm to build a professional career in this domain.

Over the years, she has grown both professionally and personally. She has always had an unwavering dedication to excel in her profession and the experiences have only developed that drive further.

She strongly believes that the desire to learn more, evolve with the changing times and enhance her skills are paramount to success. She is eager to explore new opportunities in the field and further deepen her industry knowledge.

Having embarked on this exciting journey, she aims to stay as enthusiastic and committed to the industry as the high school intern who fell in love with it.

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Sarah Mwale

Sarah Mwale

Travel Expert

Sarah Mwale is a highly talented and dedicated Travel Consultant who began her journey with Memorable Journeys as an intern. Since joining the company, she has proven herself to be an invaluable member of the team, showcasing her expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional service.

As an intern at Memorable Journeys, Sarah demonstrated a passion for the travel industry and a strong desire to learn and grow. Her dedication and eagerness to excel quickly earned her a full-time position as a Travel Consultant. Since then, she has consistently displayed exceptional skills and a deep understanding of the industry.

In her role, Sarah handles a range of responsibilities, including air ticketing, tour planning, and transfers. Her attention to detail and organizational skills ensure that every aspect of a client’s travel arrangements is meticulously managed. Sarah goes above and beyond to curate personalized itineraries and experiences that meet and exceed client expectations.

Sarah’s proficiency in air ticketing is a testament to her knowledge and expertise in the field. She stays up to date with the latest airline regulations and industry trends, ensuring that clients receive the best possible flight options and competitive pricing.

Beyond her technical skills, Sarah’s strong interpersonal and communication abilities allow her to build strong relationships with clients. Her warm and friendly demeanour, paired with her dedication to customer satisfaction, ensures that clients feel valued and supported throughout their travel experience.

Sarah’s commitment to excellence and her ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously make her an invaluable asset to Memorable Journeys. Her dedication to providing outstanding service and her strong work ethic contribute to the company’s success and reputation as a trusted travel consultancy.

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Stacy Kafuta

Stacy Kafuta

Travel & Events Expert

Stacy Kafuta is a highly skilled and dedicated Travel and Events Expert who has been an integral part of the Memorable Journeys team since its inception. With her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, Stacy plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable travel experiences and successful events for clients.

Since joining Memorable Journeys from the very beginning, Stacy has been instrumental in shaping the company’s approach to travel and events. Her deep understanding of the industry, coupled with her exceptional organizational skills, enables her to curate tailor-made itineraries and flawlessly execute events that exceed clients’ expectations.

Stacy’s passion for travel and events is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to anticipate and fulfill the unique needs and desires of each client. She takes the time to listen, understand, and personalize every aspect of the travel experience or event, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey from start to finish.

With her extensive knowledge of destinations, accommodations, transportation, and local attractions, Stacy brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She continuously stays up to date with the latest trends and developments in the travel and events industry, ensuring that Memorable Journeys remains at the forefront of innovation and delivers exceptional service.

Throughout her tenure at Memorable Journeys, Stacy has built strong relationships with a network of trusted suppliers and vendors. This enables her to secure exclusive deals and unique experiences for clients, further enhancing their travel or event experience.

Stacy’s professionalism, reliability, and dedication have earned her the trust and admiration of both clients and colleagues. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail is taken care of, leaving no stone unturned to create extraordinary and memorable experiences.

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David Bolton

David Bolton

Tour Guide

David Bolton is an experienced and passionate tour guide who has been an integral part of the Memorable Journeys team for the past two years. With his in-depth knowledge, enthusiasm for travel, and commitment to providing exceptional service, David plays a vital role in creating unforgettable journeys for clients.

Throughout his time at Memorable Journeys, David has showcased his expertise in guiding and his ability to connect with travelers. His profound knowledge of various destinations, including their history, culture, and natural wonders, allows him to provide insightful and engaging commentary during tours.

David’s passion for travel shines through in his interactions with clients. His friendly and approachable nature instantly puts travelers at ease, creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere throughout their journey. His excellent communication skills enable him to effectively convey information and answer any questions, ensuring that clients have a memorable and enriching experience.

As a tour guide, David goes above and beyond to ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of his clients. He pays meticulous attention to detail, carefully planning and organizing each itinerary to maximize the enjoyment and value of the tour. David’s ability to adapt to different situations and handle unexpected challenges with ease further contributes to a seamless and stress-free tour experience.

With his extensive experience in the industry, David has developed strong relationships with local suppliers and vendors. This allows him to offer unique and exclusive experiences to clients, adding an extra touch of luxury and authenticity to their journeys.

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Luwisha Nakazwe

Luwisha Nakazwe


Luwisha Nakazwe is a highly skilled and dedicated accountant currently serving as an integral member of the finance team at Memorable Journeys. With a strong background in accounting and finance, Luwisha brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her role.

With her commitment to excellence and passion for financial management, Luwisha plays a crucial role in supporting the financial operations of Memorable Journeys. Her dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and financial transparency makes her an invaluable asset to the organisation.

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Stephen Mpili

Tour Guide

With over 20 years of experience as a qualified Tour Guide, Stephen possess deep knowledge of the tourism industry. He was a pioneer at Sun International (Z), working at the front office as a Hotel driver/supervisor.

Additionally, he served as a professional tour guide/driver at Bush-Tracks Africa, showcasing expertise in the attractions and activities of Livingstone and Zambia. Client-oriented, Stephen has a proven track record of efficiency, as evidenced by positive client feedback.

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Talent Tembo

Talent Tembo

Tour Guide

Having accumulated over 2 years of experience as a tour guide, Talent brings a wealth of expertise to Memorable Journeys. 

He embarked on his tour guiding career with Memorable Journeys, swiftly proving himself as a valuable asset through his unwavering passion for travel and commitment to providing top-notch service. Talent’s adept guiding skills and talent for forming genuine connections with travellers have propelled him to a key position within the team.

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Cleopatra Sambumba


Cleopatra has recently completed my Travel and Tourism diploma and feels fortunate to have started as an intern at Memorable Journeys. 

The opportunity has allowed her to delve into the intricacies of the travel consultancy field. Eager about tourism, she is committed to putting forth her utmost effort to absorb knowledge and contribute innovative ideas to the team.

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Tour guide

Mavis Daka

Travel Expert

Mavis graduated with a diploma from the Zambia Institute for Tourism & Hospitality. 

She trained as a Camp Manager with Wilderness, advancing to roles as Camp and Assistant General Manager for Family Legacy. Driven by a passion for creating unforgettable memories for travellers, she embodies thoughtfulness and hospitable values. Her skills include meticulous attention to detail, effective communication, active listening, strong administration abilities, and adept product and service sales capabilities.

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