South Luangwa… it’s a great time to visit

South Luangwa

Author: Track & Trail River Camp We have had a lot of rain in the Luangwa Valley during the rainy season, the lagoons are still full of water, the vegetation is dense and still quite lush but gives you pretty contrasting images. The mornings are getting more chilly and the hazy light may bring cool […]

Sungani Lodge Newsletter

Sungani update

We wanted to share a brief journey through Sungani Lodge, confident that as you read this you will be inspired to visit very soon! Zambia and particularly this area is so incredibly authentic and wild, meaning every day is a chance to explore.  When you are on safari, there are many things worth getting out of bed […]

Emirates to resume flights to Zambia

The resumption of flights will certainly make it simpler for passengers to travel into Zambia and to travel to Dubai. Emirates announced trips to Lusaka, Zambia are scheduled to resume September 4, with twice-weekly flights to and from Dubai. This will not only improve the airline’s worldwide network to 79 cities but will also widen […]